The return…..sort of.

I know I haven’t written anything in here for a very long time but I have truly been busy. I have been more then delving into the world of podcasting.  It is so up my alley podcasting of course. Though there is still plenty that I can learn about podcasting  I think that my Radio experience has certainly given me an advantage in creating a podcast for sure.

Of course mostly I have been converting my radio programmes that I already do into podcasts, like my Fooltime show and Half-time. I’ve created Facebook pages for them as well so that I can get feed- back about the shows I guess.

I have also thought about a Radio Times type of show which I have been looking through a lot of podcasts to see if other people have done anything similar. The podcasts that I have been listening to are more the informative types of podcasts like Audacity to podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, Smart Passive Income, Waking up with Sam Harris, you know those sort of podcasts.

My favourite podcast at the moment is, My Dad wrote a porno, which is just hilarious. I can’t really describe what this podcast is about but the best thing to do is to just listen to the podcast, you’ll either love it or hate it, or both.  I’ll just say that sometimes I have burst out laughing uncontrollably in public and gotten some very strange steers because that is just how funny this podcast is.

I’ve discovered that a lot of podcasts are centred around crime, and or mystery, I guess because people like to be scared and I suppose radio can give you the ways and means to be scared.

Those certainly aren’t my sort of things though and so I won’t be trying to recreate something that I have no interest in that is for sure.

Though I haven’t had the time to blog all too much of late I still have been thinking about stuff to blog, and not just for this particular blog actually which is more like a diary type of thing where I get to write about the things going on in my head. Blogs, so I’ve learnt are more about getting a niche and writing about that sort of stuff. I notice also that people like to make lists, why they make lists is kind of beyond me though. For instance they make lists like, “The 10 best ways to make money”, or “The 11 hottest tips to make money” or “13 money making tips” or, well I think you’re getting the point.

I’m in a blogging Facebook page group and I see people posting all the time about how to monetise, how to get traffic, etc. One lady wrote on the page that she was worried because she had just started a blog 2 days ago and she was wondering when the money was going to start pouring in….

I don’t know if it’s just me or are people so desperate for money that they need to start making money straight away or what.  People are also going on about themes as if creating or finding a theme for their blog is the most important thing in the world. I’ll be honest themes are kind of important but I’m sure that there are more important things right. For me writing is more important, not making money and basically I’m just testing the waters to see how things are going to work out and to see if this is my kind of thing. Which it kind of is, at least I do like blogging that is for sure, but I do so like writing for myself and most blogs are more about writing for an audience.

As it goes I am probably going to start another blog, and the title of the blog will be…..”This Ridiculous World.”

This blog will be about, well as the title says, This Ridiculous World. After all, this world is so ridiculous and to be honest it’s the people who make it so. Writing about the people who make this world so, funny I think would be fun, and interesting to say the least. Mostly I would be focusing on the people that take themselves so seriously. Like for instance, Donald Trump delivers so much comedy gold that he will be very difficult to stay away from.

Is it truly ridiculous that a business man and a Billionaire is the president of the United States of America, well maybe not but some of his supporters truly are. For instance, Fox news continue to talk badly about Hollywood celebrities, yet hello, their president is a Hollywood celebrity isn’t he?

Here’s an example of something ridiculous from my very own home town of Gisborne. Gisborne is touted as being the first city to see the sun, the place where Captain Cook first made landfall in the great nation of what would be called New Zealand.

In 1969 they celebrated the bi-centenary of his landing by erecting a statue of Captain Cook on Kaiti Hill overlooking the bay. How ridiculous is it to learn that years later the statue was actually not a statue of Cook at all, in fact it was just a statue imported from Italy, by the Captain Cook Breweries in Auckland.  It’s not even a true depiction of Captain Cook at all, yet when there were calls to get rid of that statue people came out defending the statue saying that it doesn’t matter that it’s not a true depiction of Captain Cook it should still be up there because it is part of our history. One could say that our district was ripped off by putting a statue of an iconic figure someone who it isn’t even a true depiction of that person on top of our hill, yet the die-hard, staunchly fierce dumbasses of our district want the statute to remain. I want the statue to remain also, as a reminder that there are some absolutely fanatical DUMBASSES in our region.

So while I will be starting up another blog very soon I will endeavour to continue to blog on here. Till whenever though, sweet dreaming y’all.

Back to it.

So it has been a while since I anything I know but I have been really busy of late so sorry to sort of hold up the works as such. I think last time that I wrote a post I did say that I was going to be really busy and one of the things that kept me busy has been the Tairawhiti Vietnam Veterans project that I have been a part of.

I’m really proud to have played a very small role in this project, even though I thought that I would have finished it by now but it has been really long and frustrating, but so worthwhile because for me I feel that I have knowledge about the Vietnam War that is exclusive to the very few.

It’s interesting what war has done to people over history. People are hateful about war, people are in their full element when at war, people are anti-war, and people are all about war. War has done a lot things to people, be it cruel or otherwise. It does seem ironic doesn’t it how humans seen to really hate war, yet if an alien was to come to this planet and look over the history of mankind that alien would could indeed be forgiven to believe that the opposite was indeed true. If humans indeed dislike war, why is it they are it seems constantly at war all over the world at either certain times or even sometimes at the same time.

So does man actually like war? If you were to ask an alien who has studied human history he or she would probably say ….yes. Many humans I think would find it very difficult to defend that position. War is such a big part of human history that, I think many historians would probably agree for the most part with the alien.

So what draws man towards war then? I bet many generals and privates have asked themselves this question through-out history, what their answer is I have no clue at all. But with the limited knowledge that I have concerning war, much of it shaped by the project that I’ve been working on I have come to an uneducated (by never having been in a war) conclusion that most of it comes down to comrades and pride.  Misplaced pride possibly, but pride non-the-less.

A couple of posts ago I talked about pride. Pride is a funny thing, and it’s something that all men and women need to possess in order to exist. Too much pride though can lead to being too cocky and can easily make you complacent. Too little pride can demotivate you so much so that you no longer have the passion or the drive to continue to do something well. Some warriors for instance couldn’t handle defeat and rather than trying to find a way to later defeat an enemy, they would decide to end their lives. But it is also that pride which fighting men have instilled in them, either through achievement or through others instilling in their company that proud heritage of their fighting unit. Also I guess it is about being with their comrades, an enduring comradeship is forged in blood pain and loss sustained on the battlefield. And from what I have observed with watching and recording the interviews of these fighting men, I am amazed at the camaraderie that has encompassed these men with each other.

Mere words cannot explain the closeness and the bond that these men have, or the trust that was required in the heat of battle. I will never fully know the full extent of what it feels like to be in a war; at least I hope I never do. But those that have get my full respect.

I will never understand the discipline required to go to war nor will I ever understand how it must be to be on full alert continually, or the training necessary to quell the fear with-in your own mind to operate effectively enough to hold your ground while bullets are flying around you. Nor, hopefully will I mourn for a fellow soldier blown-up, shot stabbed or killed by either a foe or a friendly.  Or see friends or colleagues lose limbs or receive wounds in the same way that my father was wounded in battle. Or worse even, receive wounds in battle myself.

The Vietnam War, as was well documented, caused many of the veterans of that war illnesses to themselves and to their children, their grandchildren and possibly beyond. The defoliants that were sprayed over the war zone at the time was extensive and once it was found that the spraying had infected their own soldiers as well as the foliage there was an attempted cover-up by the authorities over the years which was probably even more hurtful to the common soldier of that time. These soldiers went to serve their country but when it came down to it their country abandoned them in their time of need and for many of those veterans they are left with a bitter taste in their mouths.

My father was very proud to have served in the Vietnam War with his company, Victor 2. He was proud to have served in the New Zealand Army, and his service was to leave a mark and an impression on his life. He still felt betrayed by the government and he felt, like a lot of those that served at that time abandoned.

Camaraderie and pride, for a time was taken from those warriors that engaged at the will of their government to fight in a far off land, against an enemy which the professional New Zealand Soldier had a great respect for. A respected enemy that would go on to win the war that they were ordered to engage in.

Camaraderie and pride, I guess is as good a reason to go to war as any, especially considering humans seem to love going to war. Till next time, happy dreaming y’all.

Vietnam Veterans

Well I can celebrate.

And if you are reading this then you can celebrate with me. This is my 10th blog post. So I’ve achieved something, even if it isn’t much to celebrate really. Still 10 posts isn’t really a big deal but it is to me so I am glad that I can celebrate with you.

Now over the weekend in was always going to be difficult to put together a post because as it goes I’ve gotten really busy. For one thing I have to work which well, is time consuming but still it is what it is. I’ve also taken on a particular project that I have a real passion about which is something that I have been doing for a few years now. It’s to do with the Tairawhiti Vietnam Veterans Association, which is a very small local organisation that I have been involved with for about 6 years I think.

The reason I got involved with the TVVA was firstly because my father was part of this organisation, and also because I got really heavily involved when I discovered just how important the work that I was doing was going to be. So a few years ago the TVVA decided to record some of their members and other veterans as a history project. I thought that they wanted me to run the interviews and edit the footage and run the project but I was just asked to do the transcripts well really its called abstracts and as it turns out I did the abstracts all by myself. 75 interviews most averaging about an hour was abstracted all by me which was very time consuming and pretty difficult to do. It took me 2 years to finish the project.

And it still hasn’t quite finished. I now have to put all of the video files along with the abstracts on to USB sticks for each family or person that took part in the interviewing. Sadly a number of the veterans have since passed away one of them of course was my dad.

So I have had to listen to and watch every single interview, which in a way has allowed me to became some what of an expert on the Vietnam War at least the part or parts where the New Zealand servicemen were involved. Not that I like calling myself an expert on this subject considering that I have never been to war or even been in the military. However in doing this project I certainly now have a huge appreciation of all servicemen all over the world really.

The insight that I got from watching every single second of those interviews was very compelling and intriguing and left me with a strong sense of pride for the veterans themselves and woe and sadness for what the veterans and their families had to endure years after leaving Vietnam and the army. I was there in Wellington as was my father and most of our family for what was called Tribute 08. A large amount of Vietnam Veterans and their family’s were invited for what was a huge event where the Veterans finally received an apology from the government, the Army and from the New Zealand RSA.

It was also a celebration and a welcome home to those Veterans who had left these shores many years ago as young men and women, some of these Veterans reuniting for the first time in 40 years. It was a wonderful weekend, one that affected my father long after we returned back home. One that as it turns out had an affect on me as well.

One of the things that I remember very well is the quick march down the main road of Wellington while the public of our capital city applauded, cheered and welcomed our honorably recognised Veterans to their streets. I was unduly surprised when I got to the street with my family in toe, my father and his former comrades out in front, with their chests puffed out, their backs at full attention and their faces full of pride. My father served with Victor 2 in Vietnam, and I have no idea how but he was given the sign with V2 on it that indicated what unit they were as well as to help gather the other guys that served in that company on that day but he was given the sign and held it for the March to Parliament.

Along with the pride that was shown by all of these old veterans, you could also get a sense of the cheeky humor that consumed this generation of men as well. The banter was awesome to behold and the comradeship that each of these men shared was something to see.

So I remember that weekend really well, it ended perfectly I thought with a bunch of Iroquois helicopters doing a fly-by with the crowd all gathered in the Basin Reserve. I remember seeing my grandfathers first cousin there, he was there wearing his sons war medals on his chest. His son was one of the 37 New Zealand servicemen who were killed in action in Vietnam. That was the last time that I saw him alive, as not long after that he passed away. At least he had that weekend to make peace with himself and hopefully his son. When I saw him that weekend he looked saddened and tense, not usually how he carried himself, though I wouldn’t be surprised if he was unwell at that event though.

With the TVVA project that I did I have been charged with the knowledge of how my uncle was killed in action. In fact the knowledge that I have about the incident is relatively in-depth, and I would know nothing of the incident at all if I hadn’t been involved in this project. I’m grateful to be able to help with this project and I’m thankful that I’ve been entrusted with this knowledge that is a precious commodity.

So thats my celebrated 10th post, till tomorrow, happy dreaming y’all.

Deja Vu

So 2 days ago I got an email from word press that told me that I have had a blog for 2 weeks which is I guess something to celebrate. I’ve not hit 10 posts yet but I guess we can celebrate that tomorrow. Celebrating is a great thing to do and I prefer usually to celebrate with Whiskey, straight up.

So two days ago for me was an interesting day, not only did I get back to writing my blog but I also decided to start a podcast. I’m not sure how to do it exactly and I was thinking of maybe doing it on YouTube but I found out that it’s probably not the best place to post a podcast on there as it is after all a video platform. However I heard that word press can also do podcasts so there is another possibility. Now I’m still not sure how it will work but I figured that it is certainly doable.

I’ve been listening to podcasts since last week actually the first podcast I downloaded on my laptop was Sam Harris who is very intellectual. The subject that I first listened to was about Universal Basic Income with some guy who is running as the president of the united states, I think his name is Yang and he’s running I believe as an independent. I’ve since discovered that I really like podcasts.

Last week I was looking for an Android Tablet so that I could listen to podcasts and read ebooks, thankfully my daughter gave me her Ipad which she hasn’t used for 2 years and I found that she had podcasts on her Ipad, like Game of Thrones podcast which I’ve been listening to and enjoying. Let me just say that I think Joanna Robinson to me is the best Authority on game of thrones that there is out there apart from George RR Martin himself.

I’ve also downloaded other podcasts like The Joe Rogan Experience, Thinking Allowed with Laurie Taylor, The Jim Jefferies Show because I think that he is really funny, for an aussie. I’ve also subscribed to The Audacity to podcast – how to launch and improve your podcast, which as far as I know is the only podcast on the internet which talks about making and improving a podcast. Audacity is right up my alley as I’ve been using Audacity for years though to be honest I wouldn’t say that I’m an expert in Audacity at all. For those of you who don’t know what Audacity is, it’s an audio editing program that is freeware on the internet. In other words it’s free to use and relatively easy to use as well.

The podcast that I’ve been enjoying is called Conversations with people who hate me. It’s something that I think is very different to a lot of other things that are out there. For me its a very surprising, kind of podcast and I don’t want to attempt to explain what this podcast is like where I would prefer to just say have a listen to it and decide for yourself what you think.

Last night I was binge listening to that particular podcast and writing yesterdays blog post when out of nowhere I got deja vu. When I was a kid I use to get deja vu all the time. Deja Vu for those that don’t understand it is very different for every individual. My two daughters use to get deja vu and I think that we have a similar way of viewing deja vu. When I was a kid deja vu to me was like I was able to see into the future.

I remember when my youngest daughter was maybe 4 or 5 she went for a trip with her grandfather to my sisters place, my sister lived in another city at the time. During her trip she rang me saying that she was freaking out because, and these were the exact words she used “its like I’m in a dream but I’m still awake.”

Right away I knew exactly what she was going through, I told her that she will be fine and that she was having deja vu, and not to worry about it. She didn’t like my explanation or my solution but she did survive.

For me as a kid deja vu felt like I was seeing into the future. Not seeing or knowing what the future was going to hold but it felt to me that I was getting a very small glimpse into the future. The older I got the less deja vu came upon me. The last time that I got deja vu, was maybe 15 years ago. I remember it vividly because to me at the time it felt like I would never get deja vu again. The best way for me to describe deja vu is like this. Lets say you have a dream, a recurring dream. Lets say that the dream is about you sitting up in bed typing something on a laptop and listening to something on a radio. Two years go by and you find yourself typing on your laptop while sitting up in bed and your listening to a podcast on your ipad when a certain something that someone says on the podcast triggers your subconscious memory. You think to yourself ‘where did this memory come from’ and you vaguely remember a dream that you had but it eludes you because its been so long since you had that dream. That’s what deja vu feels like to me.

And the last time I had deja vu, I came up with a theory that deja vu is a glimpse of the future and when you get deja vu then your on the path that you’re suppose to be on, in other words deja vu is the indicator that tells you that you’re on the right path. Now if my theory is true, and I think that its true for me then I must be on the path to where I truly should be following, the path of my dreams perhaps. And if that truly is the case then I wish you all, sweet dreaming y’all.

It’s been a while I know but I’m back

So I haven’t written anything for a while now mostly because I had been looking for advice on how to do a blog and I got some advice that said that the best thing is to write long form like 2000 words minimum. The reason why was for better SEO’s and for something else that I can’t remember but mostly I think to increase the opportunity for more SEO’s which frankly don’t mean a thing to me especially at the moment as I’m not looking at making money for this blog, at least not at the moment.

To be honest the advice that I got was very unproductive and was kind of off putting, but I’m getting back on to things writing another 1000 words a day, hopefully. Well I’m not saying that the advice that I got was bad advice for others though, it was just bad advice for me. It seems that I have been writing my blog pretty much like a journal, which it shouldn’t be because that is not what I wanted my blog to be like but I think that I do indeed need to certainly improve my writing style and probably my presentation of the blog in order to make it more readable to others even if nobody reads this blog other then myself.

So I have been looking at trying to improve my blog and in particular my writing and content mostly so that if nothing else I could enjoy what it is I’m writing. I feel that I need to improve my blog because there have been times when I’m writing away or more like rambling and a lot of the time it’s like I’m simply writing something just for the word count and not really writing something meaningful, and I hate when I’m writing like that because that is not at all why I created this blog and it’s not at all why I’m writing. I write because I like writing, actually I love writing, I write because that is what I am. A writer. And I’ve got a lot of writing to catch up on.

So in my very first blog post I talked about pantsing which is the term that I learnt means ‘flying by the seat of one’s pants’ which is how I’ve been writing not just this blog but the books that I’ve been writing as well. Maybe I need to perhaps write an outline which could actually work in conforming and organising my thoughts and therefore not having to try to pull something out of ‘my ass’ which is what I seem to do a lot of the time when I’m just trying to write for the word count.

Most of the time when I’m writing this blog, I am pantsing, now I’m not saying that its a bad thing to do that, but there are times that I feel I could write things a bit better if not a lot better, and perhaps an outline might work better so I might try that on my next post and we’ll see how it goes.

I’ve looked at some other blogs to get some ideas on where I can possibly improve on though I’ve been a bit reluctant to look at a lot of other blogs because of the bad advice that kind of stifled me for the last few days so I probably won’t look at gaining too much more advice from others about my blog.

One of the things that I have discovered is that I love writing. Actually I have rediscovered it, I think that I have been a writer all of my life, I just repressed the urge to write until recently. In my very first blog post I mentioned that before my father passed away a story came into my head and it stayed there for some time. A few months after my dad passed I decided to write out the story and while I still haven’t finished it I have started other stories that are still in the works. And trust me its hard to write a book.

I find a real passion at putting my thoughts now on a computer hard drive and firing up my imagination while typing it out on my laptop screen. It gives me an extreme sense of pleasure to be able to write, something that I think I have never really experienced before in anything that I’ve done. For me, writing is a freedom of expression that I never expected would give me the pleasure that it gives me.

Some people paint or draw, others sing or make music, others dance or act, some run or swim or do other physical activities, me and I guess others like me write. Its a way that I can express myself and to hopefully put my special mark on the world in my own way. Many people express themselves in other ways of course but for me it seems that writing is without a doubt my way of expressing myself. Knowing that this is how I am able to express myself gives me a rare feeling that is difficult to express I guess if your a dancer or a musician or artist then you would be able to understand how that feeling is but if you haven’t discovered that inner ‘thing’ that moves you to express yourself then I don’t think there are words to explain how writing makes me feel.

This blog may indeed not give anyone other then me pleasure but it matters little, I’m learning how to write a blog, hopefully I’m improving in my writing and if nothing else my typing is getting better. But what has surprised me is how much I have been enjoying writing, not just my blog but my books as well. Hopefully I will finish the first draft of my book by the end of the year but I won’t hold my breath. At least not till tomorrow, till then sweet dreaming y’all.

The Science of being Rich

So in my last blog I mentioned the book The Science of being Rich by William D. Wattles. The original book was published in 1910 and it was slightly re-edited by Rebecca Fine who I think did The Secret. Now I downloaded the book a couple of years ago and l just let it sit in my laptop waiting for me to read it. Maybe two months ago I stumbled upon the audio book on YouTube and I listen to it almost every night while I’m going to sleep. I found the voice a little to droll for me and so last weekend I decided to record the book myself, strictly for my own use.

I also caught up with finally reading the book which is something that I hadn’t done at all till I recorded and read the book. Reading the book really made things ‘click’ into place for me, especially after listening to the audio book for the last month or two. If I can find away to create a link so that you can download the pdf I will certainly do that but if I can’t you can just search for it on google as it is free to download. Also you can download the audio book from YouTube and I see that there are two versions of the audio book. However if you don’t like those voices or that audio book for what ever reason I can send you the version that I have recorded. But the resources that are available are more then adequate I’m sure.

Below is a quote from the book that I have found to be really interesting.

THERE IS A THINKING STUFF FROM WHICH ALL THINGS ARE MADE, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe.

A thought in this substance produces the thing that is imaged by the thought.

A person can form things in his thought, and by impressing his thought upon formless substance can cause the thing he thinks about to be created.

So what does the above all mean. Well this is where I would normally say “go read the book” but I’ve decided that I will be a bit more nicer about things.

So everything begins with an idea.

Ideas acted upon create reality.

Raw materials physical, mental and emotional can be configured to create something new and great.

Acknowledging the fact that these ideas can abound anywhere and everywhere is really an important concept to accept. Once you have an idea you then need to act upon that idea to make that idea a reality.

One of the real key things in this book is what Wattles calls ‘the certain way’ which is what people need to follow if they want to be rich. He claims that there is a ‘certain way’ in which one becomes rich and you will certainly become rich if you follow this ‘certain way.’

Now I’m not trying to be skeptical but I don’t know how many people who have followed this ‘certain way’ and succeeded but it seems that not many have. I’m not saying that I’m going to quit on this thing but I’ll have to prove that this ‘certain way’ actually works and hopefully I can report that to you in maybe a year or so.

It’s interesting that people think that there is a limit to how much riches are available for one and all. This thinking stuff seems limitless and if that is true, which of course it is then riches are limitless. How ever it seems that in this world there are people who are trying to control all if not most of the riches in the world. But the only way to control the riches in the world is by controlling the thinking stuff, and something tells me that nobody can control all of the thinking stuff with out controlling all of the thinking.

People have been trying to control the thinking for some time now though, society in particular through the education systems have been trying to control the thinking of it’s citizens by teaching them what society believes they need to know. You know it’s funny how a lot of people who don’t do well in school get looked down upon and at times ridiculed. Apparently Albert Einstein didn’t do very well in school and his father died thinking that there was something wrong with his son. I know that a lot of people see education as a very important if not the most important part of peoples lives but there is education and there is education.

I will never be an intellectual that is for sure but one of the things that I really admire is people with the entrepreneur gene, something that I don’t think that I have a large abundance of. Now I don’t think that there is a University for entrepreneurs and I sure hope there never will be because if that ever happens then the last vestige of freedom would have been destroyed.

What sort of peeves me is these so called intellectuals who come out of these University’s and they think that they know better then mostly everyone else. I saw a study that showed that those who went to University in general made less then those that didn’t. In particular entrepreneur’s who were able to develop creative ideas were paid higher then CEO’s that went to University.

Thinking is the most important part of being human. Thought is fun and funny, thought is brilliant and vibrant, thought is creative and destructive. Thought is also free, at least for the moment. Thought can grow on trees and stars, on the air and in the minds of babes and old alike.

That’s what I like about the thinking stuff that William D. Wattles was talking about in his book, it’s everywhere and it’s free and as long as you have that thinking stuff available in your head, you should always be rich.

Well until tomorrow sweet dreaming y’all.


So yesterday I wrote about the weakness of not asking for help. I think this is a weakness of many people who just have too much pride. It’s a terrible thing to see someone whose pride has been taken away I would imagine. I think you see it often enough in hospitals, in old peoples homes maybe. I don’t have the opportunity to go in to old peoples homes myself, at least not yet. I don’t think that I myself will ever end up in one when I get old but it isn’t something that I’m going to completely rule out.

If I was to end up in one I think that my pride will be hugely dented. Living in an old peoples home to me is a place where a family sends there loved one to die. Having said that though I totally understand why they send them there, and for a lot of people it is a way to get the best care for that person, and some people put themselves into a-old persons home simply so that they won’t be a burden on there children and so don’t think for a second that I don’t agree with old peoples homes at all because I don’t. I know that they are a necessary thing in today’s society. I just don’t want to end up in one for myself is all.

Perhaps that is why a lot of old people are grumpy, because their pride has been eroded over the years. I’m not saying that every old person is that way, but old people certainly have a reputation for being grumpy that is for sure.

One of the reasons I think why I would hate to end up in an old folks home is because for me it would feel like I had failed to raise my kids the right way. I was raised by my grandparents at a very important time in my life, during my high school years, and they in-stilled in me certain aspects of life that are very difficult to explain. One of the things that I think I get from my grandfather is pride. He is 90 years old and about a month or two ago there was a flood in his area and on his small farm he went chasing after his cows to make sure they didn’t go over the riverbank. He went wading into the waist high water chasing after them as if he was still 89 years old.

Last year one of his horses died, and instead of asking anyone else for help he went and buried it, all by himself with nobodies help. He was 89 then, a few months shy of turning 90 and he buries a horse all by himself, apparently it took him two days. That’s the sort of pride that I am genetically linked too. So I understand why he did it, though I think a lot of others would look at it as being foolish. But that’s pride for you, like jealousy it makes people do funny things.

Some cultures have their own children banished or even killed because of their pride I believe. I’m pretty sure there have been countless killings done in the name of pride or because of pride in every culture that there is and ever has been in the world. Pride can be a destructive emotion, and leads to the other deadly sins like greed, gluttony, envy, etc. But pride also leads to other important emotions like self-respect, humbleness and empathy.

What is really ironic is that as proud as my grandfather is, he is also probably the most humble man that I know and if you were to ask for his help he will probably break his arm in trying to do so. And if he did indeed break his arm in helping someone, he wouldn’t complain about it and suffer silently, in fact he would probably go out of his way to break his other arm so that the person that he broke his arm for in the first place, wouldn’t feel bad about him breaking his arm. Demented pride it maybe but it’s still pride none the less, and it’s a pride that I think he has handed down to his children and his grandchildren, in particular this grandchild writing this here blog.

My children probably also have his ‘pride’ gene ingrained in them as well. Now I could say that it is unfortunate that they have this but along with the ‘pride’ gene they also have the ‘humble’ gene.

And they, just like their great-grandfather are very humble. Its very difficult to describe what I’m talking about without being part of the family I think but I guess you’ll just have to take it on trust that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to my family.

Of course there is nothing wrong with having pride, the problems seem to stem from having too much of it. And I think that most people at different times in their lives can attest to having too much pride in something that is for sure. And if you have never felt that at all in your life then quite frankly you aren’t living.

I’ve recently read a book that was written over a century ago called The Science of being Rich, by William D. Wattle. I also have the Audio book which I listen to a lot before I go to sleep, in fact I’ve created my own Audio of the book because I wasn’t too happy with listening to the drone like voice of the one I got off of YouTube. One of the big things that they talk about in that book is the subject of gratitude. Being thankful of what you have and the opportunity’s that are available to you in this world is certainly one of the main keys I think to life really.

One of the things that I am grateful for is having a humble grandfather who is full of pride!!!!

Well that is yet another 1000 words so let me bid you all fair-well. And until tomorrow sweet dreaming y’all.